Comprar Interview with your self

Mercedes Tur: Gained extensive knowledge in Ayurvedic Medicine; studied at the National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine (NY, USA) also in India at Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care, is a Certified Instructor for the Chopra Center, has BSC Hons degree in Psychology by University of Bolton (United Kingdom) also completed her master’s in Music Therapy at ISEP (Barcelona) the Higher Institute of Psychological Studies.


Hay Hoise Radio Interview with Meredes Tur

My work with clients allows me to identify the unconscious patterns that keep the person in a kind of trance and teach how to get rid of them. Many of our limitations are operating at an unconscious level, that is why we need to recognize them and eliminate them or redirect them depending on each case. The unconscious always seeks to help us and if we know how to direct it, the unconscious allows us to learn and master new skills such as a new language, drive a car, play an instrument, operate machines, computers and even cook delicious meals. The unconscious is there to make tasks easily and manageable. In short live can be easy or complicated depending on whether a person “programed" (as if a computer) his unconscious to do what it wants or if it is operating unattended.

"You are always the actor, director and producer of the movie that is your life" - You cannot pretend to be something you are not. Wherever you go, you´ll always show up. Hence, being authentic and honest with yourself is one of the most important steps we take on our path to wellness.