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“Happy people are happy despite of their problems, they are not happy because they do not have them, they are happy despite them” – Overcoming life challenges is the most fulfilling and reassuring experience we can have as humans.

My counselling aims is to help my clients, learn the tools they use to live a happier life. For me the best therapeutic approaches are those that teach and help clients to take care of themselves. So that with a few sessions, they can move forward with their lives and I can move forward to assist other clients. For this they must be given the information, assistance and counselling to use by themselves, so that they do not need to keep coming back to the sessions.

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Mercedes therapeutic counselling is for anyone who wants to live and emotional free live, despite their fears and emotions:

It will assist on:
- Giving up additions (drugs, cigarettes, shopping, and other compulsive behaviors)
- Depression
- Out growing fears and limitations
- Children and young teens
- Family dynamics
- Personal and professional relationship management and improvement
- General wellbeing and balance
- Pain Management

Mercedes tool-box:
- Music therapy
- EFT Emotional Freedom Therapy
- Self-Enquiry (Cognitive)
- Ayurvedic Psychology

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