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My desire to understand the human mind, was what motivated me to study psychology first stay. Eventually I realized I needed to learn much more than the cognitive dynamic, physiological, psychological and social bases of human behavior study offered within the education system and Western thought. So I decided to study Ayurveda, it completely changed my practice and gave me tools to help holistically, to my customers.

As soon as I started using Ayurvedic concepts in consultation, I noticed that most of my clients already had the answers they were looking inside. I became someone merely facilitating the process of accessing and trust your inner guidance. We all have an inner wise, it can lead us to the answers and solutions to all situations or circumstances that we find in our lives. Many people just need that first push or support to trust themselves.

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In general people are trapped in the mind, ego and its dynamics. Many times when they need it they can not see that they already have at their disposal and inside all they need to achieve clarity and solutions to their problems. When we broke even for brief periods of time these mental blocks, you can access a new dimension of ourselves that is able to support and provide clarity and even they did not believe possible solutions.

The basis of the consultations is to help the person find their own intrinsic wisdom and attend accessing itself to this . Finding the only answers that we all have within us. " You're always the actor, director and producer of the film that is your life " - but one can not pretend or claim to something that is not , for a long time without paying any price. Wherever you go, you always find yourself , so be authentic and honest with yourself is one of the most important steps we take in our path to wellness .

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