Comprar Interview with your self
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Let Your Sage Interior Guide Your Life Contact your inner wise can be the most enriching experience one can have. You have the keys to solve your problems, you know exactly what to do; stop looking for what you already know and trust in you. Gain clarity in times of adversity. Be authentic with yourself and trust your inner guidance. Understand how your thoughts and ideas do not let you see clearly. Take your light to help others, help the environment. Reject programmed responses. Learn tips to maintain and nourish your body, mind and soul. Interview With Your Sage Interior explores the concepts of spirituality and personal development. It presents specially designed questions to help the reader discover their own personal vision. This allows us to relate to our beliefs at a deeper level. How do you relate to your beliefs and ideas? Do they strengthen you or weaken you? Learn to connect with your inner sage. Nonfiction - Personal / Spiritual Development
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"A little less suffering each day on our part contributes to eliminating the pain and suffering of the collective consciousness of the world,? writes author Mercedes Tur Escriva. She is convinced that getting in touch with the wisdoms deep within ourselves can unlock solutions to our most pervasive problems. It?s all a matter of trusting the truth within yourself to achieve everything you wish. What does she mean by this? Tur Escriva delineates a few principles: You?re the only one who gives meaning to your life. You?re creating all the time; even just be stopping, observing, and meditating. Being loyal to your self is the only viable way.

Questioning ourselves allows us to unfold new perspectives. Even regarding events that can?t be changed, says the author. She outlines a few pitfalls of seekers: their need to know where they are going, their struggle to get there, using someone else's map, and working to improve yourself. Tur Escriva challenges readers to think more clearly so they can discern their own answers. She guides the reader through the layers of life and how the self-interview process can begin the process of getting their life back on track and free of external influences that are taking them where they don?t wish to go. Tur Escriva slowly and reflectively unspools how we can each heal our bodies through doshas (mind and body patterns), introducing the reader to nine methods to keep the body, mind and soul in balance and working efficiently. You?ll find yourself pulled into the book from the first paragraph. And by the third paragraph you won?t want to put it down because it will relate to you on numerous levels. ?Interview with Your Self? is an excellent approach toward maximizing satisfaction with life by introspectively getting in touch with your ?essence? to arrive at higher levels of personal satisfaction. This new approach aims at adjusting goals realistically to remove avoidable stresses which life presents to us all.
Rory Wolf

"This book really opened my eyes to reality, that we all have spiritual needs that must be met. It gives you the tools and techniques on how to deal with everyday life's struggles. I find myself always going back to the book for a reference point, to find a solution and to use the tools that are inside me.. The glossary is so valuable too, it allows me instant access to a definition to so many Spiritual words and phrases. Very good and interesting reading."

"Wonderful book! It takes what you have inside and you did not find."
Ana Navarro

Book Interview with your self by Mercedes Tur

Comprar Interview with your self    

Book Interview with your self by Mercedes Tur